How to build resilience

  “Encouraging adaptation, agility, cooperation, connectivity and diversity.”

– Andrew Zolli, author Resilience

After surveying over 12,000 workers in 17 countries, Steelcase found a positive correlation between employee engagement and workplace satisfaction. In short, employees who were happy with their physical work environment were more likely to be engaged.
Now that we know that the workplace can make a difference, how do leaders design spaces that help employees feel more engaged?
Steelcase believes it starts with creating a Resilient Workplace. Resilience is critical for growth and survival when facing fierce competition in uncertain economic conditions.

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Resilient Real Estate: Space as an Adaptive System
Excerpts from a full article by Chris Congdon and Gale Moutrey originally published on November 10, 2014 in issue 66 of 360 Magazine.

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