Wellbeing: A Bottom Line Issue



Wellbeing is a competitive advantage in today’s business world.To achieve it, workers need mental and physical health, nurtured by a supportive environment that gives them the emotional capacity to interpret and experience events.

When considering people, the workplace needs to support people’s wellbeing from a holistic perspective.
It’s important to consider not only people’s physical needs, but also their cognitive and emotional wellbeing.

Neuroscience has shown us that these aspects of wellbeing are so interconnected you really can’t separate them – each factor impacts the others.

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Physical wellbeing is about supporting movement throughout the day and encouraging healthy postures that help people stay comfortable and energized.



Designing for cognitive wellbeing means supporting the need for focus and rejuvenation through spaces where individuals and teams can think clearly, concentrate easily, solve problems and generate new ideas.



And designing for emotional wellbeing requires support for the social nature of work by creating spaces that nurture a sense of belonging and foster connections between people and the organization.